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When it comes to kids I have seen it, heard it, stepped in it and been covered in it! :-) I have a Bachelor’s Degree in education and have worked in the local school system and as the Director of a non-profit child care center.  I am now what you might call an “accidental homemaker”.  I never pictured myself staying at home with my children, but when our third child was born with special needs, I took a closer look at what I needed to do for my children.  It wasn’t until my youngest was a year and a half that I made the decision to stay home full-time.  It was definitely a change for our whole family.  I would like to be able to say that now my home is spotless, dinner is always home-cooked and my children are perfect little angels; the truth is my home isn’t perfect, my kids aren’t perfect and my experimental cooking, could kill a cat isn’t perfect either. Why not? Because, I’m not perfect. None of us are. 
Mommy Strategies is simply a collection of stories, photos, information and tips that have helped or inspired me in my pursuit of becoming a better wife, mother and generally happier woman.  So pour yourself a cup of coffee and enjoy the chronicles of my Mommyhood.  I hope that you will laugh, cry and most of all be encouraged in your own life. God bless.

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