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Day 11: 5 Reasons to Find a New Doctor

31 Letters to the New Mom of a Child with Spina Bifida

Day 11: 5 Reasons to Find a New Doctor:  4th Post in the series-Being your Child’s Advocate
Dear Momma,

In the last post I wrote about not being afraid to press for results,  if your child’s physician, therapist or equipment vendor is not meeting your child’s needs then you may need to find a new one.  I wasted so much time with doctors and therapists that weren’t “cutting it” because I was so worried that I would hurt their feelings or have to deal with an uncomfortable confrontation. 
Don’t make the same mistake.  There is a nice way to let them know how you feel and if they are too insecure to handle your concerns then, MOVE ON!!  I suggest that you speak to another professional that you do trust about the situation before you move on. Here is a list of my top 5 reasons to look for a new medical professional:

1.       They have no time for your child or your questions.  If your child’s doctor comes in and out of the room like a windstorm, never giving you time to catch your breath much less ask questions, I would be concerned. 

2.       They are rude and/or make you feel stupid for questioning their medical opinions or experience.

3.       You have to educate them about Spina Bifida/they have no “hands-on” experience with an infant/child with Spina Bifida.  This was difficult for us, because the therapists in our area had no experience.  It took us awhile to find one but she was definitely worth the wait.

4.       They do not like kids.  You would think everyone working in pediatrics likes kids; however some of them do not act like it and it will resonate with your child.

5.       They make you feel guilty for wanting a 2nd opinion.  I’ve dealt with many doctors over the years and looking back the ones that were offended by the idea of 2nd opinion were the ones that NEEDED to be questioned.  Good physicians are not afraid to offer their medical advice and they realize that they are human, so a 2nd opinion isn’t a problem it is a welcomed practice.  Your child’s care will require a great deal of collaboration with doctors and therapists so the last thing your child needs is an ego-maniac trying to run the show.

I hope these help, please do not ever leave a physician without talking to a medical professional that you trust and please let the physician or therapist know why you are looking elsewhere.  If you can’t speak to them face to face about it; then at least write them a polite letter stating the facts and your reasons for leaving their practice. (Keep a copy for your records).

With Love,




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