Thursday, September 20, 2012

7 ways to use baskets

Baskets I found for 25 cents a piece
at a local thrift store!
I love the thrift store! I can usually find something to repurpose or re-use at a fraction of the retail cost. Last week, my son reminded me about the snack basket he and his brother used to have and I decided to go out and find some baskets to repurpose and organize with.  I found 8-11 baskets for less than 25 cents each.  I found tray-like baskets, tall baskets and even a cute little Christmas basket. All for less than $3.00.  Thanks to my husband, we had a can of brown spray paint left over so I decided to give some of them a quick makeover.  My husband helped and the baskets took less than 30 minutes to paint and hang, but they took about 12-14 hours to completely dry. 
Below are 7 ways I have been able to use my new thrift store baskets.

This tray basket is my new table center piece.  Every item on this tray has a memory or person that i love connected to it.  It makes me smile. :-)
This slightly taller tray basket is now the home for all of my coffee supplies.  I am finding out that by having a "home" for everything it is much easier to keep things tidy.


This basket I use for my daughter's socks.  They always had a tendency to dissappear to the back of the drawer but now they have a "fenced-in home".
When my boys were much younger I used a basket to hold all the snacks they were allowed to have throughout the day (for more on making a snack basket see this post.). This picture is their lunch sides for the entire week.  If it is in this basket they know not to touch it because it is for their lunches.  I set snacks aside for the entire lunch week and place in the basket (cold items like grapes and applesauce stay in the fridge but I still separate them into a separate bag or container.)

In addition to photos above I use one large basket on our "launchpad table" to put any cell phones, cameras, or other items for taking with us when we leave the house.  I also use a basket to hold our clean wash cloths in the bathroom.  Thanks for stopping by.  Do you love baskets, too? How do you use them in your home? 
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